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Go to baby giraffe profile BABY GIRAFFE toronto, ON  CA alternative space rock shoegaze
no songs yet
michael - everything unless noted.
ARTIST SUPPORTS: American Cancer Society
Not Yet Rated 1
Go to Bonny Morgan profile BONNY MORGAN Toronto, ON  CA easy listening jazz-smooth electronic
6 songs
Looking for talented, inspired, quality songwriting?, Look no further!, Lucky you, you've just found Bonny Morgan at Cicada Music!, High quality sound files transferred to you on a timely basis., Custom or ready music scoring available for Film, TV, Video Games, Animation, Training Videos, Fashion Shows, Jingles, Commercials, Websites, Performance and more., For demo reels please visit:,, , For more info please contact,, , Spencer Morgan, Cicada Music Inc.,, 647-293-0337,, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, Live performance line up consists of Bonny on Vocals and Guitar in a Duo, Trio, Quartet, up to Twelve Pieces. We have Great Players that are ready to play!, A typical five piece setup consists of Bonny on Vocals and Guitar, plus Keyboards, Drums, Bass and Horns., This is a popluar Wedding Band lineup, but we are very flexible to meet various event requirements.
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Habitat for Humanity
Average Rating: 6.59 2
Go to BROOMFILLER profile BROOMFILLER Toronto  CA alternative punk rock rock
no songs yet
Richard - Guitar / Vocals / Songwriter, Zeke - Bass / Backing Vocals, Eric - Guitar / Backing Vocals,
Not Yet Rated 3
Go to The Dead Butterflies profile THE DEAD BUTTERFLIES Toronto, ON  CA rock alternative pop
1 song
Johnny Mc-Guitars/Vocals, George Panayi-Bass Guitar, Martin Tom-Drums/Backing Vocals
Not Yet Rated 4
Go to Elora Taylor profile ELORA TAYLOR Toronto, ON  CA acoustic pop rock indie
4 songs
ARTIST SUPPORTS: To Write Love On Her Arms Inc.
Average Rating: 7.81 5
Go to Greg Holmes profile GREG HOLMES Toronto, ON  CA jazz blues acoustic
8 songs
I sing and play the NS/Stick, an 8-string guitar with the combined range of guitar and bass. On this instrument, treble and bass parts are played at the same time, sounding like two or three people., , Note: My audio files were recorded live at various gigs with no overdubs, no loops, and no backing tracks. This is the real thing!, , For more, see, , ,
Average Rating: 5.88 6
Go to Holding.Sky profile HOLDING.SKY Toronto, ON  CA rock hardcore indie
7 songs
Tim Laidman - Vocals, Michael James Hill - Guitar/Vocals, Kohji Nagata - Guitar/Vocals, Ben Tillmann - Bass/Vocals, Bourke Tillmann - Drums
Average Rating: 8.65 7
Go to The Isosceles Project profile THE ISOSCELES PROJECT Toronto, ON  CA progressive experimental metal
1 song
Eric Euler- Guitar, Scott Tessier- Bass, Brandon Smith- Drums
Average Rating: 8.67 8
Go to Joe Louis profile JOE LOUIS Toronto, ON  CA hip-hop r&b reggae
no songs yet
Not Yet Rated 9
Go to Loveseat profile LOVESEAT Toronto, ON  CA pop rock indie electronic
3 songs
Not Yet Rated 10

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